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Company Profile

Rimini Street, Inc. (Nasdaq: RMNI) is a global provider of enterprise software support products and services, the leading third-party support provider for Oracle and SAP software products, based on both the number of active clients supported and recognition by industry analyst firms, and a Salesforce partner. We founded our company to disrupt and redefine the enterprise software support market by developing and delivering innovative new products and services that fill a then-unmet need in the market. We believe we have achieved our leadership position in third-party enterprise software support by recruiting and hiring experienced, skilled and proven staff; delivering outcomes-based, value-driven and award-winning enterprise software support products and services; seeking to provide an exceptional client service, satisfaction and success experience; and continuously innovating our unique products and services by leveraging our proprietary knowledge, tools, technology and processes. Our innovative, award-winning program enables licenses of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and other enterprise software vendors to save up to 90 percent on their total support costs. Rimini Street clients can remain on their current software release without any required upgrades for a minimum of 15 years. Fortune 500 and Global 100 organizations, as well as midmarket, public sector and other organizations from a broad range of industries, currently rely on Rimini Street as their trusted, third-party support provider.